Partizan beat Richmond Celtic to make post season league playoff finals

Starting lineup vs. Richmond Celtic FC

 Score: Partizan Richmond FC 3 1 Richmond Celtic FC

      T. Manneh (assist J. McAvoy)

      F. Escobar

      D. Pierce (assist J. Granados)


 Man of the Match Ramon Campos

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McAvoy scores third as Partizan take first blood and win regular season title against Screaming Eagles.

Starting lineup vs. Screaming Eagles FC 

Score: Partizan Richmond FC 3 0 Screaming Eagles FC

      R. Campos (assist T. Manneh)

      D. Pierce (assist C. Gwaikolo)

      J. McAvoy (assist J. Bustillo)


Man of the Match Ramon Campos


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Partizan hammer Lions to reach cup semi-finals

Starting lineup vs. Lions FC


Score: Partizan Richmond FC 6 - 1 Lions FC

      J. Callejas (assist S. Montero)

      S. Montero (assist J. Callejas)

      M. Margulis (assist J. McAvoy)

      J. McAvoy (assist C. Gwaikolo)

      F. Escobar ((assist E. Avdic)

      F. Escobar ((assist J. Palma)


Man of the Match Jose Callejas


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Liberian Hat-trick as LIons tamed by rampant Partizan!

Starting lineup vs. Lions FC 


Score: Partizan Richmond FC 4 – 0 Lions FC

      J. Palma (assist T. Manneh)

      T. Manneh (assist J. Bustillo)

      T. Manneh

      C. Gwaikolo (assist R. Campos)


Man of the Match Taurus Manneh


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Bustillo & Escobar lead Partizan back to the top of the league with victory over the Rams!

Starting lineup vs. X-Rams

Score: X-Rams 1 – 2 Partizan Richmond FC

                                   F. Escobar (assist J. Bustillo)

                                   J. Palma (assist F. Escobar)

 Man of the Match Johnny Bustillo – His tireless work on and off the ball truly exemplified the effort and result.


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