Partizan Richmond is different to all of the other soccer clubs in the Richmond because it is run and “owned” by its members - a principle enshrined in its constitution.  Its mission is to build and sustain a successful amateur community soccer and social club which will create and foster strong bonds between the players who represent it and within the community it competes and operates. The club strives to be a trusted and valued contributor to the community by promoting, encouraging and furthering the game of soccer while using it as a vehicle to provide inner city and underprivileged children and adults the ability to enjoy the best part of team sports at no cost in a fun filled environment. The club has grown considerably over the past 2 years and now boats over 300 members.  Currently, Partizan participates in Kickball, Dodgeball, Soccer Clinics and other Community Outreach Programs. Partizan has 6 teams in the CVSA for 2010, which range from Men's Premier, Coed Premier and Women's Premier to the 40+ and Division 7 Open division. We have truly provided a club where players of all levels can play and grow together in the betterment of Richmond.

Partizan Richmond Football Club is a club for the players by the players and will ensure an organized competitive environment that its squad(s) and members can be proud of.  In the tradition of Richmond's other respected clubs, the birth of Partizan Richmond heralds a new era of competition whereby the means and drive exist to push forward the levels of today and expand the boundaries of Richmond soccer for tomorrow.  


Being a member of the club entitles you to one vote in how the club is run - to elect the board, pass resolutions and rule changes, and have a say in the future direction of the club.  Ownership will be kept within its member populace (no non-member can buy into the club) and therefore will stop the dissolution and breakup of the entity by a single force.  All initial investment will be voluntary with the ownership and profits being attributed first to the club and its shared elected goals and then on to those who put forth the financial investment.  As well as electing the board, members will decided how much the membership will cost, vote on how often the team's playing strip will change and who and how to carry sponsorship.  In short, how the club is involved in the day to day running of its season and any other ancillary services it chooses to offer.

The strength of the club as it develops will, to a large part, be dependent on the strength of its membership base. By becoming a member you become part of the football club– you can own it, control it and belong to it.


One more thing to remember is that all money raised by Partizan Richmond from fees is reinvested in the club, providing services for members and carrying out development work in the local community and beyond.

By contributing through your annual fees you are contributing to the club, yourself and the future.

Come on, join YOUR club.

2008 - CVSA First Division Fall Champions

2009 - USASA Women's National Cup, Regional Semifinalists
2009 - USASA Women's Over-30 National Cup, State Finalists
2009 - Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, State Semifinalists
2009 - MDCVSA State Cup Finalists
2009 - CVSA Women's Division Spring Champions
2009 - CVSA Women's Division Summer Champions
2009 - CVSA Women's Division Fall Champions
2009 - CVSA Coed Competitive Fall Champions

2010 - MCVSA State Cup Champions
2010 - CVSA Cup Runner-Up
2010 - CVSA Premier Division Spring Champions

2011 - CVSA Cup Champions
2011 - CVSA Second Division Spring Champions (Partizan Express)
2011 - CVSA Seventh Division Spring Champions (Partizan United)
2011 - CVSA Coed Competitive "A" Division Spring Champions (Partizan Revolution)
2011 - CVSA Seventh Division Summer Champions (Partizan United)
2011 - CVSA Coed Thursday Division Fall Champions (Partizan Revolution)

2012 - CVSA First Division Spring Champions (Partizan Express)
2012 - CVSA Third Division Spring Champions (Partizan Richmond FC)
2012 - CVSA Coed Competitive "A" Division Spring Champions (Partizan Revolution)